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What Is A Book Report?

15 Nov, 2022

  • 7 min read
  • A book report is a written summary of a book by a student that may help other people decide whether or not to read it. The point of a book report is not to make students miserable but to make sure they understand the book. 

    Book reports help students learn to summarize and give their opinion, but they also help teachers get a better idea of what their students learn from a story. Many teachers have specific rules that their students must follow, but this guide will show you the basics of how to write a good book report.

    What Constitutes A Book Report?

    A book review is a written summary or presentation about what it was like to read a certain book from the reader's point of view. You might find different versions of the same things in a book report, such as:

    1. Name of the book and the year it came out
    2. The name(s) of the author(s).
    3. What kind of book it is (for example, a biography, an autobiography, or fiction)
    4. The book's main idea, plot, or theme
    5. A short summary of the book's most important points or ideas.
    6. How the reader felt about the book and what they thought were its strengths and weaknesses
    7. A summary of the main ideas in the book.
    8. Short quotes from the book that reflect the ideas you've talked about

    How Do You Plan And Put Together Your Book Report?

    There are a few easy steps you can take to teach your kids how to write clear, helpful book reports. These things are:


    Every book report needs a first paragraph that grabs the reader's attention. This paragraph should have all the important details about the book, such as its title, author, genre, and year of publication. Children might also want to say a few words about why they chose this particular story to read. Is it written by their favourite author or about their favourite hobby or interest, for example?


    Now is the time to summarize some of the most important events and parts of the book. For example, where and when the story takes place, what kind of story it is, how it is told, and who tells it. After reading this paragraph, the reader should have a good idea of what the book is about. If your students have never written a summary before, why not show them our poster on how to do it? All of this information should be summarized in a clear and concise way, focusing on the most important details and leaving out the less important ones.

    Character Analysis/Details:

    One of the most important things that makes a book good or bad to read is the people in it. At this point in the book report, kids can write a paragraph about the book's main characters. This is a great chance for students to write about their favourite or most relatable characters. Use our Favorite Character Worksheet to help your students learn how to write the character evaluation paragraph for their book reports.

    Story Event/Themes: 

    The plot is the order in which things happen in a story or book. The structure, which is also called the "narrative structure," is how a story is put together. The story's plot focuses on a planned cause-and-effect relationship between a series of events. Because the plot is such an important part of any book, it is an important step in writing a good book report. 


    The end of a good report is where it all comes together. This could be a whole paragraph or just a few sentences, depending on what your writer decides. In the last paragraph of a book report, you should summarize the ideas you've talked about in the analysis and say what you think about the book. 

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    What Are The Types Of Book Reports?

    The types of book reports depend on what they are talking about. You and your student will most likely write three types of book reports: plot summaries, analyses of characters, and analyses of the book's main idea. Find out more about these three different formats by reading on.

    Plot Summary: 

    In their plot summary book report, they will talk about how the story they read is put together. It's a good chance for kids to say what they think about the book. For example, how scary or interesting did they find the book? 

    How about something interesting? You can look at important parts of the story, like where the plot started, if there were any twists, and how well the story ended. This is also a great chance to go over and think about your favourite quotes and passages.

    Character Analysis:

    Often, the people in a story are what make it come alive. In a character analysis book report, you can talk about which characters you liked or didn't like and how they affected the story. In this kind of report, you can talk about the characters' appearances and personalities, as well as how their actions affect the plot.

    Theme Analysis: 

    When we were younger, we read a lot of stories and books. Often, there were big ideas and moral lessons hidden between the lines. A theme analysis book report is a great way for your students to learn more about the themes they like best in a book. Try putting in some of the reader's own thoughts and feelings to show how the theme affects the story.

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