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What Is An Online Degree?

11 Aug, 2022

  • 7 min read
  • The National Center for Education Statistics says that close to seven million college students took online classes in 2018. In spite of the pandemic, this number keeps going up. But why do so many college students choose to get their degree online?

    Online programmes have many benefits, such as being flexible and easy to use. Students can sign up for top-ranked programmes online without having to move or quit their jobs. Many online courses are made with working students in mind.

    It's easier than ever to start your college degree online. Learners have more choices than ever before when it comes to online degrees. Online students can get degrees in many different fields, such as business, health care, IT, and education.

    Online degree in Canada

    What Degrees Can You Get Online?

    Associate's Degree Online

    A two-year associate degree gives students a taste of both academic and work-related topics. An academic associate's degree is made up of courses in a major and requirements in general education. 

    Vocational programmes teach students the skills they need to get jobs in fields like health care, manufacturing, personal care, and legal services.

     Most programmes for an associate's degree need at least 60 credits. People with an associate degree can go to a four-year college to finish their bachelor's degree. The general education requirements for a bachelor's degree are often met by a two-year college degree.

    Online Bachelor's Degree

    Graduates with a bachelor's degree are ready for entry-level jobs in many fields, such as business, technology, education, social services, healthcare, and more. In an online bachelor's programme, students take courses in their major, general education requirements, and electives.

    Most bachelor's degrees require 120 credits and take four years for full-time students to finish. If you transfer to a different school or sign up for accelerated programmes, you may get your degree faster. People with a bachelor's degree can go to work or go to school for a master's.

    Online Master's Degree

    A master's degree gives you training at the graduate level in a specific area. There are a lot of online colleges that offer master's degrees in business, nursing, education, and technology, all of which are in high demand.

    Usually, it takes two years to get a master's degree. Students take classes, choose a specialty, and either take master's exams or write a master's thesis. Graduates often move into positions where they can make decisions and lead others. They might work as managers, school administrators, nurse practitioners, or clinical social workers.

    Online Phd

    A doctorate is the highest level of academic degree, and it helps students get ready for leadership positions and academic roles. Earning a doctorate requires a substantial commitment. Most programmes take between 4 and 5 years, and people usually have to have a master's degree first.

    Graduate students in doctoral programmes take courses in their area of specialization, pass comprehensive exams, and write a dissertation. Graduates can pursue careers as tenure-track professors, researchers, psychologists, nurse practitioners, and CEOs.

    Top 10 Of Canada's Best Online Schools With Good Reputations

    So, which Canadian online college should you go to? Check out the list. It lists the top 10 online universities in Canada that will give you a real degree and diploma, not just a piece of paper that says you took some classes.

    unnamed (7).png

    Athabasca University

    This Canadian school with a good reputation has different online programmes for different levels of education. It has programmes for people in high school, college, and graduate school, as well as courses for professional development. 

    It is part of the Canadian Virtual University Consortium, and its diplomas are highly valued in the professional market.

    The University of Thompson Rivers

    This accredited university also gives its students diplomas that are both useful and recognised. You can study business, education, art, tourism, or technology, or you can choose from a wide range of specialities.

    Canada Memorial University

     This well-known place helps Newfoundlanders who have been hurt by military conflicts first and foremost, but it also gives all promising students a great education. You can study here in person or online, and the quality of the education won't change either way.

    Manitoba University 

    This accredited university offers both on-campus and online classes. You'll get real college credit that will be accepted everywhere. It makes no difference where this university is located, so visit its website and look at the various programmes it has to offer.

    Laurentian University

    This accredited education centre is known for its wide range of high-quality online courses. It has some of the best college courses and more advanced ways to move up in your academic rank.

    New Brunswick University

    If you want to learn more while making good use of your time, the programmes at this accredited university are definitely worth your time. It gives credit to studies in many different areas, including narrower directions related to health.

    Teluq University

    This is a recognised online education centre in Canada that teaches in French, so if you are from France or just like French, you should think about it. This university's distance education programme is great, and more than 20,000 students use it every year. 

    Royal Military College

    This university is probably the only one of its kind because it trains people for the military. It got a spot on the list of accredited online universities in Canada because it has a programme that is both unique and useful.

    University of Royal Roads

    Online learning is a very important part of this university that focuses on technology. It made sure to get help from experts in the field when making its programmes, which is why it is so highly regarded.

    The University of Western Canada (UCW)

    This is a private, accredited school that offers relevant academic ranks in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Business, Management, Art, Design, and Architecture. So, this is a great choice if you want to get a Bachelor's or Master's degree in these fields.

    Way Ahead!

    Students who are seriously considering a career that can give them efficiency, flexibility and a jump start in their career should consider for once the idea of accredited online university education.

    Online education is going to drive the industry in the future. As more and more students focus on skills and execution, a new trend of online education would be inevitable. Don’t think that all the challenges are over once you take admitted into these online universities. 

    The challenge of University Assignments that students face. We at Assignment Writing Service could help you at this front, too at a reasonable cost and best quality. 


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