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What Is Persuasive Speech?

1 Oct, 2022

  • 5 min read
  • Students are frequently required to compose persuasive essays for numerous reasons. You may be required to write one for your graduation party, or you may choose to deliver one in front of your class.

    You can be confident in your ability to persuade your audience if your speech is well-written. A solid persuasive speech will show that you've done your homework on the subject you're discussing. 

    Pursuasive speech

    Like a speech for a big event, it should show that your study is extensive and that your opinion is correct.

    On the other hand, many students find it hard to come up with good ideas for upcoming assignments. 

    What Is Persuasive Speech?

    Persuasive speaking is the most common mode of communication. This sort of communication can range from debating about politics to discussing what to eat for supper, depending on the topic. If you're going to be persuaded, you have to connect with your audience in some manner.

    When a speaker persuades an audience, he or she isn't solely responsible for persuading them. When we are speaking persuasively, it is important to pay close attention to the audience. 

    Ethics (credibility), logic, and pathos are the traditional components of persuasion (emotion). By getting good at these three things, a speaker can make their speech more convincing.   

    What Are Some Tips For Persuasive Speech?

    Accept the fact that your audience is processing what you're saying all the time and adjust your delivery accordingly. When listening to a persuasive speech, nonverbal emotions such as a furrowed brow, a nodded head, or rolled eyes are common indicators of whether or not the audience members favour or dislike what the speaker has to say. Nonverbal replies can aid a speaker's ability to convey a topic in greater detail.

    Identification of Your Target Audience

    There is always a portion of the audience that agrees, opposes, or is unsure about a given topic in a persuasive speech.

    Preaching to the choir, or speaking to those who already believe what the speaker is saying, may strengthen the audience's faith, but it does little more. It's unlikely, but not impossible, to change the mind of someone who strongly disagrees with your point of view.

    It is therefore important to target the audience members who are unsure about the subject. This group of undecideds can be better targeted by a speaker who speaks directly to them.

    Avoiding Common Skepticism

    Many people in the audience may have doubts about the speaker's point of view. A speech should acknowledge and reply to these objections, thereby requiring an orator to do so. Some of the queries that audience members may have may be answered by this method.

    Facts, Values, and Policy

    Between issues of fact and informative speeches, one can find many similarities as both sought review. Persuasive speeches, on the other hand, make judgments about which facts are true. These topics have been debated for millennia: what is good? What is right? What is beautiful?


    A person's values might be held in the context of a community or a country, which makes them divisive and frequently at odds. Problems requiring a specific course of action are referred to as policy issues. A problem and a solution are posited in policy questions.

    Acknowledge Your Audience's Needs And Objectives.

    It's important to know if the speaker is encouraging the audience to file a petition, write to their legislator, boycott a product, or talk to their friends about the issue.

    In many cases, the conclusion of a persuasive speech provides an opportunity for a speaker to issue a call to action.

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    What Are Ideas For Great Persuasive Speech Topics?

    Art, the media, and society

    • Should body art still be thought of as "not professional?"    
    • Do sensual movies and books give people a false idea of love that makes them sad?   
    • Should inappropriate and offensive language be taken out of classic books?

    Career and College  

    • Should college costs be lowered?    
    • Do students do better with income-share agreements than with student loans
    • Should college athletes get paid the same way pro athletes do?

    Work and the Economy 

    • Should the minimum wage at the federal level be raised?
    • Is the growth of e-commerce good or bad for small towns?  
    • Should everyone get paid time off for being a mother or father?


    • Should there be more classes in school about mental health and wellness?
    • At what age or grade level should schools start teaching about sexuality?
    • How can people learn about sexuality in a better way?

    Conservation and the Environment

    • Should cars that run on gas be banned?  
    • How does it help the environment if people use less paper?
    • Should it be okay to have animals from other countries as pets?

    Religion and Family

    • Should kids be able to have online and real-life confidentiality from their parents?
    • "To raise a kid, it takes up an entire village." How essential is society when it comes to parenting kids?  
    • Should a young child go to the nursery or stay at home with a family?

    Medicine and Health

    • Should everyone get free healthcare for everyone?  
    • Should schools be able to keep soda and candy out? 
    • Should all tobacco products be banned in the United States?

    Politics and everyday life 

    • Should everyone have to vote?
    • What could politicians do to get the vote of younger people? 
    • Should people who are in jail be able to vote?

    Science and Engineering

    • Should it be illegal to test on animals?    
    • Should organ donation be a choice or a requirement for everyone?
    • Is machine learning a threat?

    Social Media

    • How old should kids be before they can use social media? 
    • Should schools be in charge of teaching students how to use social media safely?
    • When should kids be able to get their own cell phones?

    A good persuasive speech takes time and works to finish. You need to make sure you've chosen one of the best ideas for a persuasive speech and that you've used the right words to prove your point.

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